Land 1075m2, Donja Gorica – Podgorica – For sale

1075 m2


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    1075 m2
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A plot of land measuring 1075m2 is available for sale in Donja Gorica.

There are no existing structures on the land, only a rectangular valley for now. The plot is surrounded by private properties with houses, making it most suitable for residential purposes.

Located on the banks of the Morača River, this plot is particularly attractive to nature enthusiasts and those seeking a dynamic environment.

Nearby, you’ll find shops and the entire industrial zone of Donja Gorica, providing convenience and accessibility to various amenities. This includes supermarkets, a private university, auto electricians, pizzerias, post offices, health centers, furniture stores, lighting and automobile shops, and many other small businesses.

Situated just 2km from the plot is the City Kvart area with shopping centers like Big Fashion and City Mall, and the main road leading to the Montenegrin coast is only 600m away.

Property ID: PL3

Contact: 069 618 445



  • Kvadratura:
    1075 m2
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