Land 81000m2, Danilovgrad – For Sale

81000 m2


  • Kvadratura
    81000 m2
  • Tip nekretnine


A plot of land with an area of 81,000m2 is available for sale in the vicinity of Danilovgrad.

Currently, the land is classified as agricultural.

The soil quality is classified as 2nd and 3rd class, indicating very good soil quality.

There is an asphalt road leading to the plot, and the vicinity offers amenities such as shops, schools, auto repair shops, a health center, restaurants, and more.

The plot is well-positioned and connected to Podgorica, Danilovgrad, and Nikšić.

It is located 12km from the center of Podgorica, accessible within approximately fifteen minutes by car.

Property ID PL6

Contact: 069 618 445



  • Kvadratura:
    81000 m2
  • Status: