Land for Sale 3500m2, Mojkovac

3500 m2


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    3500 m2
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A plot of land with an area of 3500m2 is available for sale in Mojkovac.

The land is located on the border between the municipalities of Mojkovac and Bijelo Polje.

It has direct access to the main road that connects these two towns. In addition to connecting these two towns, the European route E65 runs along this road, connecting Greece and Sweden, as well as many other countries in between.

Due to the high traffic volume on this road, properties along it have significant potential that has not yet been fully utilized.

Given its shape and prime location, the land is ideal for a gas station, the construction of a service facility, or even something more extensive, depending on the buyer’s vision.

There is a log cabin with a footprint of 20m2 already built on the land.

Property ID: PL1

Contact: 069 618 445



  • Kvadratura:
    3500 m2
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